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    Is your home a safe home?

    CHOOSE security and fire systems give you state-of-the-art protection for your family and property.

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    Is your facility a smart facility?

    CHOOSE can give you better security and control for your facility than ever before.

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    The home of your future!

    Choose can bring automation to your home with the touch of your finger.

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In the past, different companies had to install different systems in your home; one for security, another for audiovisual and yet another for automation. Although most companies still provide service this way, Internet-protocol (IP) based technology has changed the game forever


We offer complete services for both Business and the Home

One system, many options

In this age of smart phone apps and cloud computing, you can have better security and control over your home or facility than ever before. Call CHOOSE AV and Security at 316.928.8800 or email smartcontrol@thechoosegroup.com to work with courteous, trustworthy professionals who can put it all together and customize your home or facility for the way you live and work.

CHOOSE AV and Security serves Kansas and surrounding states.


When time matters, CHOOSE AV and Security is quick to help you when you need it most.


CHOOSE AV and Security gives you the most reliable, most advanced, home and business monitoring technology available—so no matter what happens, your home and company are always protected.


When it comes to the safety and security of your family or business, you can count on our knowledge and expertise.